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For Directors

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for MusicFest Fanfare are available for download here:

Festival Fees

In order to provide a positive educational experience for all students involved, our Fees are as follows:

Elementary Bands - $200 per group

Secondary Bands - $250 per group

Community Bands - $250 per group

Getting There

MusicFest Fanfare takes place at Vanier Hall in Prince George.  The venue is attached to Prince George Secondary at 2901 Griffiths Ave.  There is parking available for school busses and walking access to nearby food and shopping.

Adjudicators Choice Awards

Two scholarships of $100 will be available from MusicFest Fanfare to students of participating ensembles. Scholarship applications will be considered by the adjudicators and winners will be notified after the festival.


  • You are a member of an ensemble participating in MusicFest Fanfare.

  • You are a student in grade 7 – 11.

  • You show a desire to progress, grow, and excel as a musician.

Equipment Provided

Equipment provided to all Bands by Fanfare:

  • chairs 

  • stands

  • four timpani

  • bass drum

  • snare drum

  • drum set

  • orchestral chimes

  • glockenspiel

  • vibraphone

  • xylophone

  • keyboard

  • bass amp (2 inputs)

  • guitar amp

  • solo microphones (upon request)

  • PA microphone. 


No sticks, mallets, or patch cords will be provided.

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