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Director Welcome Package

Before the Festival

Groups are required to provide two copies of all scores for the adjudicators.  Your best bet is to contact your usual music provider, and they can order two conductors scores for you.  Photocopying of musical scores is illegal.  Photocopies of scores will not be accepted unless they are accompanied by a letter from the publisher or copyright holder granting you permission to photocopy.


Once the schedule is published, tell your parent group! Admission is free, and people are welcome to come and go, provided they wait until between pieces to re-enter.  It is highly recommended for your students to listen to other groups, either before or after your scheduled performance time.  If you do bring your students into the hall, proper audience behaviour should be demonstrated.

On the Day

Vanier Hall is attached to Prince George Secondary School and classes are in session during regular school hours.  Please be respectful of staff and students during this time.  As it is a School District #57 property, all school rules apply.  It is also not permitted to interfere with the performance of another group (disrupting their performance, heckling, sabotaging instruments, etc.) The Fanfare President and Executive reserve the right to penalise groups, up to and including disqualification/dismissal from the Festival.



Check In

Upon arrival at Vanier Hall/PGSS, you will be met by a member of Festival Staff.  You will be asked to provide the adjudicator's scores and a stage layout at this time.  Please have the stage layout ready so that we can prepare the stage for you.  You will then be directed to a Green room to deposit jackets, backpacks, cases etc.  NO playing is to take place in the green room.  This room will be secured when not in use so purses and valuables can be left in here. Only take from the green room what you need on stage.



Warm Up

You will be led by a member of Festival staff to the warm up room, where you will have approximately 45 minutes to warm up your ensemble.  There will be limited percussion (drum kit, timpani, xylophone) in this room, as well as bass amps, and a piano.  Staff will come up and give you a 5-minute warning before your performance time.  Do not leave anything in the warm up room.



Bands will be held in the hallway while the stage is prepared with the right number of chairs and stands.  Once the equipment is in place, percussion and bass players will be allowed on stage to ensure everything is in correct and soundcheck completed before the rest of the band is allowed to enter.


Once the band is in place and seated, the Festival Secretary will introduce the adjudicators and your group.  Once you have been introduced, you are free to announce the first piece and perform.  Please wait between pieces for the adjudicators to complete their work and signal that they are ready for the next piece.



Once the last piece has been performed, stay on stage with your group.  One of the adjudicators will join you onstage shortly for your workshop.


After your workshop is completed, you are free to leave the stage and retrieve your cases and gear from the green room.  Don’t forget to visit the Festival Secretary after your performance to pick up your festival package!

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